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Alpix presents a course in farm valuation methodology. This course is presented over a three day period to not only valuers but also to people working in the agricultural field (Land Reform and Agricultural Credit) and who needs insight in farm valuations. Groups of ten or more people can organize and request a valuation course.
The course can be completed in two days if the group is experienced valuers that need to be fine tuned in farm valuations. Less experienced persons should rather attend a three day course in which more time is spending on the subjects.
At the end of the course a 30 minute test based on multiple questions is written. The attendees receive a certificate which counts for 16 CET points at the South African Council for the Property Valuation Profession (SACPVP).

Market Data / Valuation Guidelines
This division focuses on gathering and maintaining accurate market data on the realistic market value of agricultural property and the assets in use.
This information base is not new, and in-fact, has been utilized and accepted by financial institutions and co-ops for a number of years in terms of the credit vetting of agricultural credit arrangements.
The information is used to provide credibility in terms of valuations compiled as it is sourced from market related transactions, with input on a national basis from banks, financial institutions, property brokers, real estate agencies, attorneys, auditors, co-operatives, farmers, agri-specialists and property administrators. The data is available on request per farm. It is updated periodically and constantly tested against actual market transactions and by valuers using the data.

Utilising the reliable, up-to-date and tested market data as a norm, formal valuations are compiled, anywhere in the country.
The company contract valuers who physically inspect farms, matching facilities, assets and production ability to the market data available for the region and apply it to the specific farm.
The valuation process is often redeployed annually, after financial institutions have accepted risk, to ensure assets are not squandered and that productive ability remains intact.

Biological Assets
According to international financial reporting standards all farming entities have to report annually on the value of their biological assets.
Reporting on livestock is easy from an auditors’ point of view, however, reporting on the value of orchards and plantations is more complicated.
Alpix is well equipped and experienced to do biological asset valuations and update the values annually.

Business Plans
The Alpix team has vast experience in business plans on all levels in the agricultural sector, including local and in Africa. This includes agricultural sector plans.

Viability Analysis
Land Reform and startup businesses are always in need to determine the viability of a new or additional enterprise. The realism of such studies requires a sound knowledge of the agricultural sector, not only production but also marketing.
The Alpix team is well positioned and experienced in such studies.

Feasibility studies
An enterprise is not necessarily feasible if it is viable. It must be possible (legally, practically etc.) to include an enterprise in a farming portfolio.
The feasibility of the total business must also be investigated and be positive for investors and financiers before they will get involved.
These studies not only require sound knowledge of the agricultural sector but also of the national and global economy, markets and finances.

Agricultural/Financial Risk Analysis
The Apix team is experienced in the field of agricultural and financial risk. The team is qualified to identify and quantify risks for the client, investor and financier, backed by many years’ involvement in the financial and agricultural economic sectors