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The company is based in the Eastern Cape (Jeffreys Bay) with offices in the Western and Southern Cape (Wellington and George). It is represented in other provinces by contracted people as required per project. These are people that have a long relationship with the CEO’s of both Alpix and OABS

Our Products and Services

The services and products listed below are available and promoted in the primary and secondary agricultural market. It supports land reform with the aim on sustainability.

  1. Agricultural Valuation & Methodology Training with CET credits
  2. Agricultural Valuation Guidelines
  3. Specialized Agricultural Valuations
  4. Biological Asset Valuations
  5. Agricultural Business Plans
  6. Agricultural Viability Studies
  7. Agricultural Feasibility Studies
  8. Agricultural/Financial Risk Analysis – Due Diligence

Our Vision
To create realism in farm land values and enhance the image and credibility of the valuation industry in the agricultural market.

Our Mission
The agriculture market is very dynamic and up-to-date information is crucial in decision making. Agri Land Price Index support decision making in agriculture by specialized agricultural services to the agricultural market at large, supplying benched marked Agricultural Guideline Values, training to real estate valuers and users of agricultural valuations and provide other specialized agricultural services.

Our Values
Integrity – in determining market value for transactions and not being influenced by hidden agendas and biased role players.

Realism – in farm land values by not inflating farm values by allocating unrealistic values.

Being consequentin advice and determining of values, irrespective of who the client is.

KnowledgeableGiving advice based on proper research and sound knowledge.

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